Do you find yourself starting to lose weight over and over again rather than maintaining a healthy weight?

Have you regained the weight you worked so hard to lose?

Do you find yourself in a rut or at a plateau and giving up your weight loss goals only to go back to square one?

Then our Weight Management After Weight Loss Program might be a fit for you! 

Weight Management is a lifelong process. For patients with obesity or excess weight, losing weight and achieving goals of a healthy weight is the first half of the battle, maintaining a healthy weight is the other half. Treatment for

Weight Loss and Weight Management is a multifaceted approach. 

Body Mass Index or BMI is currently used as one of the criteria to determine if one has excess weight. However, multiple criteria other than BMI are used in determining “health” and why someone’s “BMI” might be high. Our Lifestyle, Eating and Drinking Habits, Diet, Exercise, Stress & Anxiety Levels, as well as our Genetic Make-up, essential Medications to control other medical problems, and Barriers that stand in the way all affect our weight in one way or the other. Changes in our current Lifestyle or Modification of our current Behavior is a crucial part of Weight loss and achieving a healthy goal weight. Our diet can be modified by Medications that control our appetite, or Bariatric Surgery which can be very expensive. However, Behavior Modification is always the least expensive and initial approach which also has the least side-effects. If the Lifestyle Changes that we make are not permanent, our Weight Loss will not be permanent either. This is where most patients who regain the weight feel they “fall off the wagon”. Many insurance and state guidelines also require for demonstration of Weight Management before starting on restarting medications or qualifying for Bariatric Surgery.

Whether it is after Behavioral Modifications, Appetite Suppressants, or Bariatric Surgery, if you fall off the wagon, our program for Lifetime Weight Management coaches you to avoid being trapped in that yo-yo. We meet with you periodically, typically once a month to assess your health to make sure you remain on a healthy path without needing the medications. 

What will you get in the monthly visit:

  1. There are no medications to be prescribed.
  2. Your Current weight, body fat percent, BMI, and any changes are measured and recorded. Body measurements are not performed.
  3. Your current diet and exercise regimen is reviewed and modifications are recommended as needed.
  4. Your current lifestyle is reviewed and any necessary behavioral modifications are recommended to remain on the path of success.
  5. Any obstacles to your success are reviewed, and we work with you on small steps (1-3 obstacles at a time) and educate you with strategies to overcome them. 
  6. You are offered a free Super-B Injection (a $40 value) that includes B-12 & other B-complex vitamins, and amino acids to improve your protein and fat metabolism and give you energy. 
  7. You have an option of purchasing oral Multivitamins recommended by us for complete nutrition and energy, at a discounted price compared to the market price.