If you’ve been a patient at Venture, you already know this: Venture is not your run-of-the-pill-mill weight loss clinic. We take our patients’ health very seriously and each person who walks in through our doors is treated as an individual. If you’ve not been to Venture yet, here are some reasons why you should call us now!

Weight Loss is our area of expertise and we like to track and study trends. We share our knowledge with our patients – you may have seen some of the interesting and informative articles we share on our Facebook page. We also like to hear back from our patients – seen those reviews? Our patients have had success from the get-go, but most importantly, they have continued their #WeightLossJourney.

Here are the results some of our patients have achieved over time. This is the result of a combination of their hard work and our support and guidance.

Weight Loss is not easy, but it’s definitely not impossible. Based on the success we see at Venture Medical Weight Loss, we can tell you these 5 things for sure:

1. It takes a team: We are here with medication and personalized advice to help you lose and keep the weight off. Together we can achieve your Weight Loss Goals.

2. Set a Goal: Venture helps you figure out what will work best for your health. Come in to set a goal, make a plan of action and watch the pounds melt off!

3. Follow-up is Key: Patients who follow-up, continue to lose weight. Your body’s needs change as you lose the pounds. Venture’s expertise ensures that you continue to stay on track for your weight loss journey.

4. There’s more to weight loss than pills: Medication helps, but one appointment at Venture Medical Weight Loss will help you understand the other factors involved in long-term weight loss.

5. Incentives like never before: We know you are committed to yourself, that’s why you’re reading this! Our Specials are always geared towards YOU – we like to give you goals to work towards.

In the words of our patient Elisha, “Dr. K and the nurses are the best I know…they encourage and help me stay on track…they have helped me so much!”

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