Summer – that time of relaxation, lazy days, grilling out, camping, long walks, trips with the family and falling off the weight-loss wagon! But it doesn’t really have to be so – a little planning can help you enjoy your vacation and stay on your diet schedule. After all, your weight loss journey could do with it’s own version of a vacation.

  • Trip Planning
    Pick a destination that will help, not hinder your weight loss journey. Whether it’s the beach or the mountains, pick a place that offers plenty of outdoor options so you can continue your physical fitness plans. There’s no need for a stuffy hotel gym when you could take a hike, walk on the sand, run along a lakeshore or climb a mountain.
  • Meal Planning
    Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean fast food and greasy restaurant dinners. Book a house (or studio, or apartment) for your stay, then shop local grocery stores for fresh produce that you can cook at your own convenience. This is a great way to stay within budget and on track for your diet.
  • On the Road
    Pack plenty of snacks for your trip. That way you’re not giving in to hunger pangs and making last-minute choices that you regret later. If you’re driving, stop at roadside stalls and fruit stands for fresh, healthy choices.
  • Goal Planning
    Make a few concessions and give yourself a chance to indulge, within limits. Plan an evening for cocktails or reserve a table at a nice restaurant. Doing these things ahead of time will give you the assurance of something fun to come while providing just the right incentive for staying on track.

Remember to use Venture Medical Weight Loss’ After Visit Summary when planning your meals and setting your fitness goals. Summer is for fun and there is no need to ruin it with regrets. Just a little time and thought can help you continue your weight loss journey.

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