Start the New Year with a B-12 Boost of Energy

A New Year is the best time to make a resolution to do new things. After all, everyone starts the year full of hope. We know exactly what that means – you’re adding more to your already-full list of things to do and achieve! As always, Venture wants you to succeed and we thought, what better way to support your New Year’s Resolutions than to give you a boost of energy.

Our gift to you over this Holiday Season is a Free B-12 shot with every paid appointment. B-12 is a vitamin that can help in multiple ways to give you improved vigor and help bring more positive energy to your day-to-day tasks. Head over to our page about B-12 to find out more about this injection.


While B-12 is naturally found in many common foods, sometimes a concentrated shot is provide just the right jump-start to the human body. Venture has a number of patients who swear by the benefits of B-12 shots and continue to return regularly to help combat B-12 deficiency via a quick shot administered in our offices. As Tammy, one of our patients, puts it, Venture Medical Weight Loss provides “…options outside of Weight Loss. For example,” she says, she still “continue to come once a week to have a B-12 injection.”

Tammy’s B-12 levels are low and she says getting a shot “…keeps me going through the week. It’s been very helpful in keeping my energy levels up.” You can hear Tammy for yourselves on Venture’s YouTube page.

Just like Tammy, our other patients who have had B-12 shots told us they really reaped the benefits. This gave us at Venture Medical Weight Loss the idea that we could share this positive energy with all of our patients. So this Holiday Season, all you have to do is make an appointment and mention this article and show it or this image on your phone and we will give you a free boost energy via a B-12 shot. A regular, paid appointment is required to avail this offer but, as an additional bonus, Venture will accept any ONE Special in combination with this gift offer. This offer expires on 1/31/2019.

Call Venture Medical Weight Loss at 859-999-SLIM or visit our online scheduling page and start your weight loss journey with Venture.