At Venture Medical Weight Loss we go out of our way to make you feel at home. We strive to listen to our clients and ensure that all their needs are met.

  • We are with you every day, even between your visits. . During the first visit when you start or re-start, we share our Weight Loss Guide with you. It discusses about 20 Lifestyles changes that have truly worked for our patients over the years. We customize the guide for you during the discussion. We have gathered “do’s” and “dont’s” of the weight loss journey from our experience and spell out how our patients have become successful and also show you the pitfalls that set them up for failure. The closer to this guide you adapt your lifestyle to, the more successful you are in losing and keeping off your excess weight. Unlike many other clinics which count on patients coming back in a few months after treatment having regained their lost weight, we take pride in our patients not needing us over and over again after successful treatment. You will always receive a copy of your treatment plan in your After-Visit Summary (AVS) to take home and refer to anytime you need. This is valuable information that can help you map out your weight loss journey.
  • To ensure your wait time is pleasant and productive, we provide free wifi (no password required) and more than a handful of outlets for phone charging. Just bring your charging cord.
  • Unlike many other clinics, we also offer to treat common medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol by prescribing and dispensing medications at a low cost to our patients, saving them a trip to and expense of going to another provider/clinic. This is particularly helpful to our patients who do not have insurance or a Primary Care Provider.
  • Venture Weight Loss offers a family-friendly atmosphere. For their safety and the comfort of all other clients, parents MUST watch their children and their belongings at all times.
  • We are proud of our clients and want you to be proud of yourself. We provide plenty of opportunities to boast about your weight-loss achievements and journey via our social media. At the same time, we respect your privacy and will never share your information or even your name without your prior authorization and express permission.
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  • Venture Weight Loss strives to provide support and resources for our patients – check out our Patient Resources section to find recipes, useful information and sign up for our newsletter.
  • Your privacy is our #1 priority. All your consultation, weighing in, height and other measurements, happen in the privacy of our exam rooms – one-on-one. You are never in a group setting. The doctor comes to see you in a private exam room. And you should see our exam rooms! Each one boasts a comfy recliner exam chair – so you can relax and await the doctor.
  • Venture Weight Loss is designed to meet the most current ADA standards for our clients with physical challenges.