The Venture Medical Weight Loss program combines advice on diet, exercise, rest, overall healthy lifestyles and tried weight loss supplements that include appetite suppressants. Our physician-supervised and clinical approach helps our patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Our licensed healthcare professionals focus on helping our patients achieve an overall healthy lifestyle through preventative maintenance.

After consultation with each patient, a detailed medical and lifestyle history and a directed physical exam, our medical staff creates a tailored and comprehensive plan for each patient.


The Venture Medical Weight Loss Program focuses on the essential components needed to achieve healthy weight loss, a healthy diet with hunger control, and exercise with a boost of energy. A medically trained staff, under the supervision of a physician, assists you with every step of the way! This, coupled with lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits will ensure sustainable weight loss. We take medical weight loss to the highest level of success sharing with you similar tips that are followed by surgical weight loss patients, without having to go through the permanent surgical change.

Initial Visit: On your first visit, the attending physician will provide an assessment with a thorough medical history and targeted physical exam, and answer any questions you may have. Based on your individual parameters such as Gender, Height, Weight, Age; our own Statistical Model analyzes your current BMI, lean body mass, body fat percentages, and recommends a specific customized caloric restriction to lose a certain amount of weight every month. We also show you how to lose weight faster by being reasonably more aggressive about diet and exercise, and show you what is unrealistic and unhealthy expectation and the reasoning behind it. The model shows you a Recommended Healthy Weight Goal, Goal BMI, and projects a date by which to reach your goal in a worst case scenario, but most patients can beat that by months. Not just that, but our model is powerful enough to show you how to maintain your newly achieved healthy weight and what is the exact trigger that you will start regaining all that lost weight. We show you how to keep the weight off. All New and Re-Starting patients who intend to be prescribed with a controlled substance (such as Phentermine) are also required to submit to a Drug Screening test according to KY law 201 KAR 9:260. Our clinic will charge you a $20 fee and ask for a fresh urine sample at your first and Re-Starting visit (after a 3 month gap) and sometimes randomly as required. You are not automatically denied prescriptions if you test positive for substances that you have reported as using, that are prescribed to you by your healthcare provider or legal in your state of residence (e.g. OH, KY, IN).

Unlike many other clinics, we also offer to treat common medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol by prescribing and dispensing medications at a low cost to our patients, saving them a trip to and expense of going to another provider/clinic. This is particularly helpful to our patients who do not have insurance or a Primary Care Provider. 

Follow-Up Visits: Every 4 to 8 weeks, you will come in for a follow-up appointment. Together with you, we will evaluate your success and make any modifications necessary to ensure you are successful in your weight loss journey. We recently have developed a Success Score Scale which goes through your Good and Bad Lifestyles to predict your % Chance for success at any time during your treatment, particularly if you struck a plateau. Our doctors make valuable recommendations to jump-start your weight loss again as long as you are willing not to fall off the wagon. Throughout your time with Venture Medical Weight Loss, our entire staff is available to help you. We will never judge you for being overweight or not being able to show dramatic results! You did not gain this weight overnight – we will not expect you to lose it overnight either!

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