The Venture Medical Weight Loss program combines advice on diet, exercise, rest, overall healthy lifestyles and tried weight loss supplements that include appetite suppressants. Our physician-supervised and clinical approach helps our patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Our licensed healthcare professionals focus on helping our patients achieve an overall healthy lifestyle through preventative maintenance. After consultation with each patient, a detailed medical and lifestyle history, and a directed physical exam, our medical staff creates a tailored and comprehensive plan for each patient.
We do not believe in dramatic overnight results or drastic changes, but in a step-wise approach to sustainable weight loss. To help maintain your diet of limited caloric intake, we prescribe and dispense appetite suppressant medications such as those discussed in this program.

Methods: Venture Medical Weight Loss will begin offering a program for Hormonal Wellness to our male and female patients, prescribing Depo-Testosterone Cypionate Intramuscular injections at regular intervals along with appropriate monitoring of blood hormonal levels as well as other pertinent parameters. The injections could be administered in the clinic or be self-administered by patients after appropriate education.

What is Hormonal Wellness?

Purpose: To offer Testosterone replacement/supplement to male and female patients.

Rationale: Testosterone is a hormone that is vitally important to the proper function of the human body. It is responsible for your libido/sex drive, energy, strength, stamina, mood, cognition, and more. Low testosterone can cause one or more of the following symptoms in men as well as women: sluggishness, muscle weakness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, reduced sex drive, decreased sexual satisfaction, weight gain, fertility issues, irregular menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, loss of bone density.

Initial Consultation

Patients will fill out the usual Initial New Patient Intake Forms required of all new patients of our practice. Additionally, patients will fill out a separate Hormonal Wellness Assessment form using ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male) Questionnaire (HWP-A). Patients will undergo educational consultation regarding Testosterone Therapy in the clinic, including a targeted physical examination. If there appears a need for examination of the genitalia, the patients will be referred to their primary care physician and/or specialists such as a gynecologist or urologist. Patients will also sign appropriate consent forms to adhere to the guidelines and therapeutic standards during the duration of the treatment (Form HWP-C).

Laboratories:     Following the consultations and consents, Venture Weight Loss shall obtain an appropriate laboratory profile (HWP-L.1) for each patient before beginning the therapy. Appropriate criteria according to peer-reviewed organizations e.g, American Association of Family Physicians, American Association of Urology, American College of Gynecology, etc. shall be followed.

Treatment:    If appropriate, the treatment will undergo under the supervision of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. M. Kanvinde. The treatment will proceed according to guidelines described on form HWP-TT.1. Progress will be summarized using Testosterone Summary Form HWP-TT.2

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