The following is from the excerpt from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation information articles brought to you from the readings of our Chief medical Officer.

No calories means no weight gain, right? So by replacing that soft-drink with a diet soft-drink should help you lose weight by saving calories! WRONG!!!

Unfortunately, current research indicates a possible link between artificial sweetener consumption and weight gain and the health risks that go with it. A particular study found that daily consumption of diet soda was associated with a 36 percent greater relative risk of developing metabolic syndrome — a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and stroke —and a 67 percent greater relative risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared with not drinking diet sodas at all.

Why soda with artificial sweeteners causes weight gain isn’t 100 percent clear, but animal studies have suggested that the body may process sweets — artificial or not — in a similar manner. In any case, if you keep artificial sweeteners in your diet, you never let your taste buds get a break from the sweet taste you crave. The more you drink diet soda, the longer you’ll remain trapped in the sugar cycle and continue to crave.

Drinking water is best, but if you must add something, then water spruced up the natural way with fruit and berries provide a great option by attending to your sweet tooth and giving you the freshness and valuable water.

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