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Carbs Proteins Fats Tips

2 Hard-Boiled Eggs* 0 g/0 cal 12g/54 cal 0 g/0 cal Yellow adds cholesterol/fat (*throw away the yellow part, high in fat and cholesterol, it is still cheaper than buying egg-whites only)

2 tablespoons Cottage Cheese 2 g/8 cal 3 g/12 cal 0 g/0 cal use low-fat

1 Whole Wheat Toast 13 g/52 cal 3 g/12 cal 1 g/9 cal look for 70-90 cal/slice

1 cup Non-Fat Greek Yogurt 7 g/28 cal 16 g/64 cal 0 g/0 cal read label on fruit -flavored

TOTAL 22 g/88 cal 34 g/142 cal 1 g/9 cal = 239 cal

You can add a fruit or a tablespoon of almond slices if you want. Read the label if you are eating a Non-Fat fruit Yogurt, carbs add up fast. Remember to stay below 300-350 cal. Save 100-120 cal snack for mid-morning, or about 3 hrs after breakfast/ 3 hrs before lunch.

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