Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Dr. K

Dr. K | Venture Medical Weight Loss in Cold Spring, KentuckyDr. M. H. Kanvinde, or as we all call him “Dr. K” truly believes what he heard from Dr. Gordon Deckert on his first day at the College of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma, OKC, OK: “Any nerd can go to med school and become a physician, but it takes hard work to be a people’s doctor!”

Born in the big city of Bombay (Mumbai), India, Dr. K truly “grew up” among the southern hospitality of Oklahoma where he spent 12 years doing research in his Ph.D. program and M.D. colleges. Besides earning the two degrees in Oklahoma City after his undergraduate major, Pharmacy, he also explored his love of teaching at the OKC Community College and the University of Central Oklahoma.

Dr. K was an intern, resident and fellow at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and then at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Praising his bedside manners and empathy for his patients, his program director predicted that he would not be happy in radiology without much direct contact with patients. After a 13-year practice in Radiology, Dr. K realized the prediction of Dr. Christie was too precious to ignore any more. He had developed another passion during these years, besides feeling empathy for his patients. He wanted to coach his fellow physicians on how to talk to their patients, and how to teach them to feel empathy. This passion led him to acquire the skills, and to fulfill his dream of an MBA in Healthcare Management.

Along the path of coaching physicians “how to talk to patients” and practicing several communication skills with patients, Dr. K. learned about one of the critical diseases in the United States, which leads to many other diseases, including a large proportion of depression – obesity! Consulting as the medical director of other weight loss centers, Dr. K realized what lacked in the fly-by weight loss centers, and wanted to make a difference in the lives of his patients by offering utmost empathy and a non-judgmental guidance for not only losing weight, but also maintaining it for the long term and, more importantly, build their self-esteem to break the cycle of weight-related depression. Venture Medical Weight Loss is the product of his vision, which separates it from the other clinics that focus on their own bottom line more than that of the patients, pun indeed intended!

Although he has practiced in Ohio since 1999 and in Kentucky since 2005, Dr. K is a new resident of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Tri-state region. He calls himself very fortunate to have the support of his new wife of 3 years, whom he calls a best match made in the heavens, saved for the last for him by the Lord. Dr. K enjoys life outside the clinic with his wife, his father, and his accomplished kids visiting from college occasionally.

Dr. K has experience working with patients of all ages, backgrounds and medical conditions. He has enjoyed volunteering as a counselor for the rape victims in women’s shelters, as a counselor to the families of patients addicted to alcohol and other substances, and as a coach for drunk drivers who are required to complete mandatory traffic school.

Dr. K believes that one of the most critical moments in his life, which taught him to be a survivor and to develop utmost respect for human life, is his experience as a medical student during the aftermath of the federal building bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995. “Make a living, but don’t forget to make a life,” he says, “cuz tomorrow is not promised to anyone, yesterday is gone, and welcome today as His present.”



Amanda grew on Cincinnati’s westside. She currently lives in Lawrenceburg Indiana with her husband and their 2 children. Amanda spends most of her free time with her family. She enjoys family trips on their RZR and kayaking. Amanda attended Galen College of Nursing in Cincinnati, OH  where she became a registered nurse.  She later attended Western Governors University for her BSN. Amanda obtained her master’s degree from Chamberlin University where she became a Family Nurse Practitioner.







Carey | Venture Medical Weight Loss in Cold Spring, KentuckyA young and vibrant smiling face at Venture is Carey. Carey has lived and worked in Northern Kentucky all her life. After graduating from Pendleton County High, she has successfully been moving up the management ladder through a great experience in retail and healthcare. Carey is passionate about traveling, exploring new adventures and spending time with her loving family. She is an avid lover of animals, and particularly enjoys the company of her dogs. She wants to explore the world, settle down and have a family of her own one day. A hard worker herself, at times working two jobs, Carey finds it very rewarding to work at Venture, because she gets to be part of the journey of our patients who work very hard to reach their weight loss goals. She feels it a privilege to be able to share the excitement with our patients through their monthly results and that successful march towards a healthy lifestyle!








The newest kid on the block at Venture is Kaylee. Until graduating from PennFoster high, Kaylee has lived and worked in Falmouth, KY with her family. With an always smiling face, she is learning patient care while helping them excel and achieve better health. Kaylee finds her education and job rewarding when she sees the pride in her patients’ eyes when they have achieved their desired goal weight every month at Venture Weight Loss. Ever since she was a little kid, Kaylee has always wanted to help patients by becoming a nurse, and she is working hard towards becoming a registered nurse while managing her job schedule. We see her keeping up with her homework and excelling in her tests. When not working or studying, Kaylee loves to spend time with her family, especially her little sisters, who “bring out the best in me”. Kaylee is also an animal lever just like all of us at Venture. She loves to play with her fur baby puppy in her spare time. Kaylee loves shopping as well, and she is looking forward to a lovely Christmas having moved in with her boyfriend by then. Kaylee says, “working at a clinic like Venture I can see what a difference I can make in peoples’ lives, and the thought of what I can achieve personally and still being able to work motivates me.” We welcome Kaylee as a pleasant team-player to work with at Venture.




Jennifer, or Jen as she goes by, is the lead Clinical Associate and Manager at Venture Weight Loss. Born in Cincinnati and brought up in sunny Florida, Jen initially moved to Tennessee with family and then to the Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky area. She has raised a wonderful responsible daughter, excelled at one of the toughest jobs of being a mom and has lived and worked here now for many years.

Jen enjoys staying in shape by playing volleyball. One of her hobbies is collecting penguins since the age of 19, and what a marvelous collection she has amassed! Not just collectible penguins, like all the empathetic staff at Venture Weight Loss, Jen too is an avid lover of animals, and loves playing with her dogs, big and small. She lives with her husband and family in Alexandria, KY. A hard worker herself, Jen knows what it takes to hit your goals, in education, in family life, in becoming financially responsible or working towards weight loss. That’s why Jen likes to be a healthcare worker.

Jen is skilled in working with patients who sometimes come without much hope, fighting infections with no cure, or having tried everything to lose the weight without much success. She finds it worthwhile to make a difference in the lives of her patients and to get to be part of their efforts to hit their goals. Particularly with her lengthy experience working with patients who are struggling to attain a healthy weight, Jen is a crucial part of Venture team and has helped many patients along their weight loss journey.