Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age limits for me to participate in this program?
You must be at least 18 years old to take appetite suppressants prescribed in our program. If you are over 65, our doctors will review your medical history and may require certain labs, EKG, and a letter of approval from your primary care physician or cardiologist.

Does my insurance cover any part of the program’s cost?
Because our program is physician-supervised and evidence based, certain services provided – such as the Initial Consultation, Office Visit, and Preventive Medical Counseling – may be covered by a patient’s insurance plan. However, at the clinic, we accept payments by cash or credit cards only, and a patient may then seek reimbursement directly from their insurance if eligible. Please check with your insurance provider to determine whether your treatment is eligible for reimbursement. We do accept both Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards. In many instances patients do not see much of a difference between the cost of our program and what their co-pays for both the office visit and medication would have been if insurance was accepted. We allow you to bring in labs already performed elsewhere so you do not incur additional expenses.

How much does your program cost?
We adjust all our fees and charges for consultation, monitoring, record-keeping, clinic facility, personnel and overheads all in your one flat encounter fee of $99 which also includes the charges we incur for medication. Check out our special offers for discounts.

Is there a long-term commitment with your program?
No, patients can stop our program at any time.

How long will I be on the program?
The length of time patients participate in our program is dependent on a variety of individual factors and weight loss goals. We recommend evaluating your performance in 4-6 week intervals.

Do I have to be overweight or obese to participate in this program?
Yes! Your body mass index (BMI) must be over 27 to qualify for our program. If you also have certain documented risk factors, you may qualify for the program over a BMI of 25. You may also qualify based on Percent Body Fat. Call us/Come in to find out. During your visit, we can determine whether you qualify for our program if your BMI is less than 27. Don’t forget to bring in documentation of any risk factors, e.g. doctor’s note, current prescription, recent labs, etc.

Will I be hungry on this program?
Many patients report reduced to no hunger and many report increased energy. Individual result may vary depending on several factors that we will explain during your consultation and help you achieve the best results.

I am on a variety of medications. Would I still qualify for the program?
We have found that certain medications negatively interact with the medication used in our program. When you come in for your consultation, the practitioner will thoroughly review your medical history and discuss it with you.

What medications are prescribed in your program?
Our physicians will prescribe an appetite suppressant that will both increase your energy and reduce your hunger. Our medications are both FDA approved, safe, and prescribed under careful physician supervision.

If I am presently taking phentermine now can I still get another prescription filled at Venture Medical Weight Loss? How many pills do I get?
It must be over 30 days from the time your phentermine prescription was filled before we can prescribe another new prescription of any of our medicines. In most cases, we continue you on the same dose level you were last month or two, unless there has been a significant gap since your last prescription.