Venture Medical Weight Loss is a physician supervised medical weight loss clinic that focuses on responsible, judgement-free support to those looking to enter a healthier lifestyle.

Obesity is a major behavior-related health problem in America, with over a third of Americans considered overweight or obese. In a recent survey, obesity is on the rise for women and teenagers. Obesity raises risk of diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis for many Americans and tends to pose a major threat to the GDP of our country from rising health care expenditures.

Medical ethics play an important role in providing empathetic weight loss counseling and services to patients. Weight loss clinics occasionally are seen to exploit the patient’s frustrations and helplessness in losing weight. Sustained, professional, ethical and empathetic supervision by a physician is necessary for patients to successfully lose weight, and more importantly, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our clinic aims to provide exceptional, empathetic and ethical guidance to patients suffering from obesity and help them achieve success by working together as a team. We envision providing valuable services to our patients and contribute to the success of the health care system in America.

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