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Best Individualized Weight Loss Program in Greater Cincinnati / Northern KY / Tri-State Area

We offer a non-judgmental, individualized Weight Loss Program without the dreaded group setting. Visit our clean, professional location where a qualified physician is always one-on-one with you. We never ask history questions or even weigh or measure you in front of other patients. Our staff treats you as a human, like their own family with unparalleled empathy, and never like just another “number” from the “herd.”

Our tried methods and continuously updated mathematical model customizes the weight loss for each patient, and makes interventions periodically to maximize success. We project a target date for you to achieve your goal and show you how to beat the target as well as how to maintain your goal once you get there. Our programs have allowed most patients to continue hunger control longer, both with medications and after they have tapered off.

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Hear From Our Patients

"For anyone looking for weight loss options... Venture is a good source for that" - Tammy

"Hands down, so much better" - Randall

"My favorite thing about Venture? Everything is quick & easy... there's not a ton of pressure" - Ben

"I've never been able to find something that has worked this well so far" - Hanna


  • Dr. K & staff are all extremely nice & helpful! So far I really like the one on one experience and that I get to see the same doctor every time. I really like that you are not treated like you’re just another number and they really care about your wellbeing. Very much worth it!

    Sha R. Avatar
    Sha R.

    I went in for my first appointment a couple days ago and it was great. Everyone was very professional, and the Doctor is very nice and honest and cares - that is my impression of him. I am excited to be starting my journey there for my health and weight loss and recommend them highly.

    Karla W. Avatar
    Karla W.
  • Dr. K is very professional and helpful. He took the time to explain to me about how to eat healthier. I appreciate all the positivity and support to succeed in my weight loss. Highly recommend!

    Elizabeth R. Avatar
    Elizabeth R.

    Their program works. I have lost 20 lbs and it is easy to follow. The staff is always nice and willing to help give tips to keep the weight coming off. Highly recommend!

    Elizabeth H. Avatar
    Elizabeth H.
  • Professional and non-judgmental...the office is quiet and I feel very secure and confident they will answer my questions. So glad I've chosen them! If you follow their advice it really does work. 2 months have gone by and I lost 20lbs! I'm extremely satisfied with their service!

    Caraline R. Avatar
    Caraline R.

    I had my first visit with Dr. K today 9/14/22. It is nice to have a doctor that literally breaks down everything and he does not rush through it. Dr. K takes his time and I was able to get questions answered without feeling rushed like i have at other places. I always thought I had pretty good knowledge on what to do to lose weight. There were 2 things I found out I have been doing that are really wrong which explains why my weight hasn't moved at all. It was also great because some of the things I did know that my husband did not know are now confirmed and having my husband hear it plus all the other things explained should be a game changer for us. Dr. K is so thorough that the only way to mess it up is by me choosing to cheat. It helps me having all the paperwork where he breaks everything down to reference. The plan is realistic without feeling miserable and i like that he even explained what my calorie consumption should be when I hit my goal weight, so that i can maintain it. I am definitely excited and will update my review with my progress 😊

    chrissy e. Avatar
    chrissy e.
  • Just had my first visit on 9-8-22 and Dr. K and his staff were amazing! Dr. K was very thorough of his speciations of me and what I needed to do to loose weight and options on how to eat. He gave me a goal and I plan to reach it in a year 🤞🏼 Thank you ALL for being so great!

    Zella M. Avatar
    Zella M.

    Was visiting this center prior to Covid and doing fairly well. Gained all loss plus 20 during Covid, so just started back a week ago.

    Dr K. Is patient, caring, understanding, and most of all non-judgemental, which I very much appreciate. After struggling with weight my entire life, he’s the only one who seems to care and actually take time to listen to concerns and offer support and suggestions.

    It’s a long road to haul, but I can’t imagine a better support system. Thank you!

    Nancy W. Avatar
    Nancy W.
  • I would absolutely recommend Dr. K and his staff to anyone who wants to lose weight!
    Dr. K has multiple ways that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Of you are struggling they don't give up on you. Dr. K gives you the tools you need, but it's up to you to utilize them.

    I would consider Dr. K's and his team an harm reduction medication therapy for food addiction/weight loss.

    Try it!!!

    Rebecca B. Avatar
    Rebecca B.

    I would recommend Dr. K and his staff! Very professional, friendly, and educational. The atmosphere is comforting an clean. If I could give 5000 stars I would!

    Tiffany O. Avatar
    Tiffany O.
  • Dr K and his team are awesome. They truly do care and express that each visit. You aren’t rushed out of your visit but given the time to understand how to improve your healthy living and not always depend on the medication. The medication should only be a crutch in your journey. Your success means the most!

    Jessica T. Avatar
    Jessica T.

    Very informative. You are set up for success from the start. I have begun a medically assisted treatment while learning how to make better choices for the future. I hope to reach my goals with their help.

    Renee D. Avatar
    Renee D.
  • Very informative. You are set up for success from the start. I have begun a medically assisted treatment while learning how to make better choices for the future. I hope to reach my goals with their help.

    Lynn D. Avatar
    Lynn D.

    Clean, positive atmosphere, willing to help along this journey 😊 Dr K is one in a million 😊

    Malissa L. Avatar
    Malissa L.
  • I’ve felt so much better on the medication to loose weight. I have more Energy, and feel amazing in my clothes!

    Felicia H. Avatar
    Felicia H.

    Dr. K and the entire staff are amazing!! Dr. K is super knowledgeable and never judgmental, which is so important for a weight loss doctor. I highly recommend them.

    Molly Y. Avatar
    Molly Y.
  • I love this place. Everyone is very friendly and I never feel judged. They have better hours than most places, especially if you work a 9-5 job. I've been to other weight loss clinics and thos is the best by far.

    Rex R. Avatar
    Rex R.

    I've had nothing but great experiences when I went. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. They make you feel at ease and answers any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend. They are helping me on my weight loss journey!

    trina r. Avatar
    trina r.
  • Dr. K and his staff were very kind and compassionate. It’s also convenient to be able to get your prescription in office rather than a separate pharmacy.

    Brooke L. Avatar
    Brooke L.

    Dr k is very nice and efficient during meetings. He helped set goals for my weight loss and they are maintainable and achievable. The staff are also very nice and have good communication.

    Emily T. Avatar
    Emily T.

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