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We offer a non-judgmental, individualized Weight Loss Program without the dreaded group setting. Visit our clean, professional location where a qualified physician is always one-on-one with you. We never ask history questions or even weigh or measure you in front of other patients. Our staff treats you as a human, like their own family with unparalleled empathy, and never like just another “number” from the “herd.”

We do not hesitate to increase your dosage to help keep your hunger under control. Our tried methods have allowed most patients to continue hunger control longer, both with medications and after they have tapered off.

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Hear From Our Patients

"For anyone looking for weight loss options... Venture is a good source for that" - Tammy

"Hands down, so much better" - Randall

"My favorite thing about Venture? Everything is quick & easy... there's not a ton of pressure" - Ben

"I've never been able to find something that has worked this well so far" - Hanna


  • Love this practice! You aren’t treated like a number or just another check. They truly care about your health and walk through your soecific needs to reach your goals!

    Ellen B. Avatar
    Ellen B.

    Anastasia and Dr. K are very professional and kind. Everything was explained very thoroughly. I’m excited to get this journey started.

    Mandy M. Avatar
    Mandy M.
  • I had a great experience at Venture. The staff was all super nice. Dr. K was very informative and answered all my questions. I was kinda nervous at first but everyone made me feel very comfortable.

    Tammy O. Avatar
    Tammy O.

    Dr. K was AMAZING and very knowledgeable about the process. I love how he took the time to educate me on the process and made sure that I understood it also. He talked TO me and not AT me which made the visit more personable. I'm glad I chose Venture to assist me with my weight loss journey!!!

    C R. Avatar
    C R.
  • This was an amazing experience. Dr. K, was professional and truly seemed to care. He helped me figure out a weight loss plan that would benefit my level of activity and schedule. It was one on one (no big groups) and felt very comfortable to talk about certain challenges I've been having with my weight loss journey. I would recommend him to anybody.

    kc k. Avatar
    kc k.

    Didn’t know what to expect coming here but i would like to say the experience was very pleasant . The program was broken down to me and detailed instructions were given. This place gave me a clear understand and diagrams to follow to be successful. I walked out feeling confident in my weight loss journey. Thank you so much

    brandibee B. Avatar
    brandibee B.
  • Best practice I have been to. I've researched dieting and weight-loss for years. Venture gave me new, customized information and the doctor really cares about you. I lost 10lbs my first month. Would recommend!

    Daney A. Avatar
    Daney A.

    I absolutely love Venture! I've been going for 6 months. Everyone is friendly, Dr. K is very professional and helpful! Hands down the BEST place to go if you're wanting help losing weight and a plan to get you to your goal! On top of that, you dont wait for hours before being seen!

    Linsey H. Avatar
    Linsey H.
  • Everyone is very nice, professional and you don’t feel judged. I’m only 2 1/2 weeks in and down 12lbs. Highly recommend!

    Phillip F. Avatar
    Phillip F.

    I’ve been coming here for 7 months and have lost a total of 50 pounds down like 3 pants sizes. I have never been the weight I’m at in over 16 years and after 4 kids. This place is amazing and very helpful and encouraging

    Samantha P. Avatar
    Samantha P.
  • I’ve been coming here for 7 months and have lost a total of 50 pounds down like 3 pants sizes. I have never been the weight I’m at in over 16 years and after 4 kids. This place is amazing and very helpful and encouraging

    Potato t. Avatar
    Potato t.

    I’ve been coming to venture weight loss now for 3 months, I’ve so far lost about 20lbs. It’s been great having someone help me on my journey to lead me in the right direction. It’s like having your own personal coach/cheer team. Makes the ability to stick with a program a lot more bearable! I’m excited to keep working toward my goal the healthy way. Thank you to Venture Medical Weight Loss.

    Debra M. Avatar
    Debra M.
  • I’ve been to other weight loss clinics and I love Venture weight loss. They give you the tools and knowledge to not only just lose weight but to be able to keep the weight off for good. The staff is always very friendly and I am in and out in a timely fashion. Highly recommend this place!

    Ashley M. Avatar
    Ashley M.

    I have been a patient on Venture on and off for two years. Each time I have come back to re-start the program the staff is patient and understanding. The education I receive at each visit helps me toward my long term health goals. I recommend Venture Weight Loss Center.

    Diane K. Avatar
    Diane K.
  • I began attending last year for help with my weight loss and this has been the best place so far. The doctor is so encouraging and really takes interest in your well being.

    Queen Z. Avatar
    Queen Z.

    Always available, good communication too. Effective explanations. Helped me understand eating habits. Definitely recommend. Thanks!

    Eileen L. Avatar
    Eileen L.
  • Dr. K and his staff have always treated my wife and I with respect and we believe they truly want to help us reach our goals. Dr. K will listen to your weight loss goal and provide a road map to help you reach your goal. If you listen and do his plan, you will reach your goal. My wife who does exactly what the doctor says, has lost over 30 lbs. I do about his plan about half way and have lost over 20lbs. We both also take b12 shots along with our medication. My wife and I highly recommend Venture Weight Loss for the extra accountability in your weight loss program.

    Kelly M. Avatar
    Kelly M.

    Clean, comfortable non-judgemental office. Front desk is very helpful and friendly. The doctor is friendly and very informative about your weight concerns and the best diet for you to help achieve your weight loss goals. That's a motivation in itself! Prescriptions are filled in the office which is super convenient. I highly recommend Venture for your weight loss needs.

    Candace W. Avatar
    Candace W.
  • I joined Venture Medical Weight Loss in July. At my 4 week return visit in August I found out I had lost 22lbs. At my visit in September I was down another 10lbs. In 8 weeks time that’s 32lbs gone. I’m still amazed. Dr. K takes the time to talk with me to make sure the adipex and topamax are still working for me and to discuss any side effects. We talk about my diet and exercise. When I got discouraged because I had only lost 10 my 2nd month he gave me reassurance that I was doing everything right. He showed me my weight loss curve chart and showed me that I’m way farther ahead than where I should be and that I should be very proud of myself. Since starting here in July I only now drink water. At first that was very hard to do because I loved to drink pop. But once you get the topamax in your system and you try and drink a pop, it tastes disgusting.
    I’ve tried many other ways in the past to lose weight and I’ve given up. I go back to see Dr. K next week. If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight and ready to put the work in for it to happen make an appointment to go see Dr. K

    Ryan V. Avatar
    Ryan V.

    I am very happy here. I live in CMH so I drive down but when I have questions Dr. K answers them on the phone. I had trouble sleeping and he walked me through my options and helped me so much. Everyone there was nice. Happy to be a client

    Melody P. Avatar
    Melody P.

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