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We offer a non-judgmental, individualized Weight Loss Program without the dreaded group setting. Visit our clean, professional location where a qualified physician is always one-on-one with you. We never ask history questions or even weigh or measure you in front of other patients. Our staff treats you as a human, like their own family with unparalleled empathy, and never like just another “number” from the “herd.”

We do not hesitate to increase your dosage to help keep your hunger under control. Our tried methods have allowed most patients to continue hunger control longer, both with medications and after they have tapered off.

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Hear From Our Patients

"For anyone looking for weight loss options... Venture is a good source for that" - Tammy

"Hands down, so much better" - Randall

"My favorite thing about Venture? Everything is quick & easy... there's not a ton of pressure" - Ben

"I've never been able to find something that has worked this well so far" - Hanna


  • The staff are excellent! Very professional, the doctor spends time to educate and help with setting goals. I don’t feel like I’m doing this completely alone. I highly recommend Benture weight loss!

    Amie B. Avatar
    Amie B.

    I joined Venture Medical Weight Loss in July. At my 4 week return visit in August I found out I had lost 22lbs. At my visit in September I was down another 10lbs. In 8 weeks time that’s 32lbs gone. I’m still amazed. Dr. K takes the time to talk with me to make sure the adipex and topamax are still working for me and to discuss any side effects. We talk about my diet and exercise. When I got discouraged because I had only lost 10 my 2nd month he gave me reassurance that I was doing everything right. He showed me my weight loss curve chart and showed me that I’m way farther ahead than where I should be and that I should be very proud of myself. Since starting here in July I only now drink water. At first that was very hard to do because I loved to drink pop. But once you get the topamax in your system and you try and drink a pop, it tastes disgusting.
    I’ve tried many other ways in the past to lose weight and I’ve given up. I go back to see Dr. K next week. If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight and ready to put the work in for it to happen make an appointment to go see Dr. K

    Ryan V. Avatar
    Ryan V.
  • I have lost 86 pounds in 7 months. I have followed the plan and counseling given by my physician at Venture Weight Loss, in Coldspring Kentucky. I have exercised stayed around 1500 calories a day. I eat allot of whole foods so I can provide myself with high nutrition and low calorie meals. I am 61 years old and have been morbidly obese for 20 years. It feels so good to feel good again. I strongly recommend this program.

    Jennifer N. Avatar
    Jennifer N.

    Not only has Dr. K put me back on the path to physical and emotional health, he’s also incredibly kind and patient. Don’t waste time - get back on your path today! I wish I had found Dr K twenty years ago!!!!

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
  • Very friendly and professional. I have lost weight, I like that the goals are realistic and achievable. Getting information on when and what to eat as well as portion control has helped me to eat healthier. Once I reach my goal weight I feel what I am learning will help me stay there

    A G. Avatar
    A G.

    The Dr and staff were friendly and it was a great experience!

    Diana C. Avatar
    Diana C.
  • I've been going for just over a month and I love the Dr, NP, and the staff. I've not had a bad experience and I go every week for a shot. I started at a different company and I've had a much better experience here. I really like that they took physical measurements and remeasure every 3 months. The price is comparable to the first company, though the vitamin B12+ shots are a bit more, I'm able to buy 5 at a time. This company cares about me and my successful weight loss.

    Robyn L. Avatar
    Robyn L.

    Love this place. My 2nd visit is tomorrow. I'm down 20 lbs!!!!!!

    Joyce R. Avatar
    Joyce R.
  • OMG!!!! Where do I begin? I was having trouble breathing and it felt as though my heart was beating too hard. I couldn't walk without huffing and puffing.....couldn't have blown a house down, even if I could. Walking our neighborhood was getting more and more difficult. So, I went to Venture and met with Dr. K. After measurements were taken, I was weighed and yup....it was my weight that was getting in the way. After 20 weeks, I have lost 28 pounds and can now walk 1 mile a night. The ONLY reason for my huffing and puffing now is because I'm pushing it...walking quickly and breaking a sweat, each time! Dr. K educated me on nutrition and calorie counting. His staff even recommended a calorie counting app on my phone that I LIVE BY! I have 2 bad knees and I've noticed a huge improvement in my mobility. I've dropped 2 pants sizes and feel fantastic! I'm more than halfway there to my goal, and all I can say is, THANK YOU!

    Since I posted this, I'm now able to walk between 3-4 miles a night! My energy level has greatly increased and so has my stamina and resiliency. As a mental health therapist, my stress level has increased due to COVID, but because I'm not carrying around all that extra weight, it is much easier. I don't comfort eat, and I'm tracking calories in and calories out. I've now lost 40 pounds since December, 2019!

    A G. Avatar
    A G.

    Clean, comfortable non-judgemental office. Front desk is very helpful and friendly. The doctor is friendly and very informative about your weight concerns and the best diet for you to help achieve your weight loss goals. That's a motivation in itself! Prescriptions are filled in the office which is super convenient. I highly recommend Venture for your weight loss needs.

    Candace W. Avatar
    Candace W.

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